Most homeowners eventually reach a point where their home requires a full roof replacement. Choosing a roof can happen very soon (if it’s a new construction) or much later as your old roof breaks down.

Regardless, you’ll want to do as much research as possible to learn about the pros and cons of various roofing types. We’ve compiled a good start for you below. Hopefully, this will give you a helping hand when making your roofing decisions.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are an oldie but a goodie. Homeowners heavily favor them in the U.S. due to their low installation cost. This type of roofing can last you a solid 20-30 years (if maintained correctly) and allows you to get your new house up and running for a bit cheaper. They’re also fairly lightweight, which means an easier and faster installation.

Wood Shingles

For a more aesthetic look, wood shingles can be an interesting alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. They are also very insulating and can save you money on your electric bill year round.

Slate Shingles

Another less common choice of shingle is slate. By far the most long-lasting choice, slate shingles can actually last over 100 years. They also offer a unique, high-class look to any home. On the flip side, however, they are a bit more difficult to install. When looking at slate shingles, it’s important to talk it over with your contractor and have them take a look at your home. Due to the extra weight associated with slate, not all homes are suitable for this type of shingle.

Composite Shingles

Composite (aka synthetic) shingles are a somewhat new product in the roofing industry. In short, composite shingles are made of a mixture of recycled materials. They’re typically made to look like other materials such as asphalt, wood, or even clay.

Clay Shingles

Arguably one of the best-looking shingles out there, clay creates a bright and attractive-looking roof. It is also pretty long-lasting, clocking in just behind slate. Some clay roofs can last almost 100 years. Like slate, however, this is also a heavy material — which means that not every home is suited to clay shingles.

Rubber Roofing

A newer addition to the roofing market, rubber roofs are uniquely waterproof and durable. They can be a great choice for flat or low-sloped roofs that need a little extra protection against the elements.

Metal Roofing

Although slightly less popular than asphalt shingles, metal has carved out a solid section in the roofing market. Even though metal roofing is most commonly found in commercial buildings, it is equally well-suited for residential homes. With a life expectancy of about 40-80 years, it’s more than twice as durable as asphalt roofing.

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Of all the different types of metal roofing options, standing-seam is one of the most highly-recommended ones. In fact, it’s our specialty here at Austermiller roofing. Not only is this type of metal more durable, but it also requires far less maintenance. Never mind the fact that it just plain looks better.

Roof Repair

Now that we’ve discussed all of the different types of roof shingles you might encounter, let’s talk about roofing itself. There are two main situations in which you might be in need of new shingles. Either (A), you have a few damaged shingles that need to be replaced, or (B), you need a full roof replacement/installation.

In the case of a simple roof repair, you will probably want to match the new shingles to the old ones. This way, your roof won’t have any weird-looking patches.

Roof Replacement

A roof replacement on the other hand, is a chance to start all over. Hopefully, you’ve had some experience with roofing by now and can identify what you liked and didn’t like about your previous roof. For example, if your asphalt shingles were too prone to damage and leaks, ask your contractor about a more durable option. Above all, remember to ask questions and get as much information as possible. This way, you’ll be best equipped to make the right decision for your home.

Roof Maintenance

Now, let’s talk about roof maintenance. Regardless of what type of roof you choose, it won’t last long without the appropriate care.

The exact amount of care required does vary, however. For example, most commercial flat roofs require a lot of maintenance. This is because their low slope makes them prime targets for pooling water and leaks.

Metal, slate, and clay, on the other hand, probably require the least maintenance. They’re durable and heavy enough to stay put in most winds.

Roof Inspections

You’ll want to get your roof inspected at least 1-2 times per year. This can either be done professionally or with a DIY approach. Given that roof inspections aren’t too expensive, it’s usually best if a professional does it. They’ll know what to look for and can do so safely.

If you decide to DIY it, watch a few tutorials and stay safe throughout the process. Don’t try to do anything dangerous. It’s not worth an injury.

During the winter months, you’ll want to keep an eye on how much snow piled up on your roof. It’s important to remove it when the weight gets too heavy.

For fall, you’ll want to keep an eye out for twigs, leaves, and other debris clogging up your gutters. Although they may not seem like it, gutters actually have a critical job. They reroute and drain water off the edge of your roof, reducing your chances of developing pools of water.

Don’t forget to look up as well. Overhanging branches need to be carefully cut down. Else, they could break off during a bad storm and fall onto your roof.

Last, you’ll also need to note any damaged shingles or flashing. Missing or broken shingles can allow water to sneak into your home and cause havoc. Flashing is important for the same reason since it seals up small crevices that may leave your roof vulnerable.

Choosing A Roofing Company

When choosing a roofing company, selecting someone that will do a high-quality job is important.

Fortunately, there are plenty of great ways to search for a contractor these days. For starters, try word of mouth — after all, nobody knows better than your friends and family. Another great tool to use is Google. You can find local roofing contractors, read all about their services, and even see their reviews. We do good work at Austermiller Roofing, and our customers agree! Just check out our testimonials on the home page.

There are a few other factors that you’ll want to keep in mind, of course. Price and experience are probably the top two. Is the pricing fair? And do they have experience in the type of roofing that I’m looking for?

For example, you may not want a roofing company that has never touched slate tiles before if that’s what you’re interested in having for a long time on your roof. Also, don’t forget to ask for a quote. Here at Austermiller Roofing, we offer FREE custom quotes.

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