PVC Commercial Roofing Material

PVC roofing material for commercial projects with Austermiller in Tennessee

What is PVC Membrane Roofing Material?

PVC, or Polyvinyl Chloride is a highly durable white membrane. 

Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC roof material, is a product of polymerizing vinyl chloride monomers. It is made of chlorine from salt (which is sodium chloride) and ethylene from natural gas (which contains ethane). PVC flat roof materials are thermoplastic like TPO but are typically more durable than a TPO membrane. 

PVC also has a option for KEE. PVC is mainly used on restaurants and is the only membrane impervious to grease.

Advantages of PVC

Compared to other roofing materials, PVC’s most significant advantage is its durability. Properly installed PVC roofs can last decades against strong winds, rain, fire, and the sun’s rays. Those in and around Tennessee know the importance of strong roofs to withstand winds! In addition, not only is PVC resistant to fire, chemicals, grease, punctures, and more, but it is infinitely recyclable.

Another eco-friendly feature of PVC membranes is their ability to reflect solar rays due to the white material. As a result, it regulates building temperatures and decreases energy consumption.

Roofing PVC typically costs around $12 – $17 per square foot.* But even though PVC is not the cheapest roofing material, it may save you more money over time. Plus, the fact that PVC roofs are easy to install and simple to repair can further save you money.

*Disclaimer: price as of mid 2023

Lasts 20-30 Years with Proper Maintenance

Fire, Wind, Chemical, and Grease Resistant


Highly Flexible Material—Ideal for Low-Slope or Flat Roofs and Complicated Roofing Projects

Energy-Saving UV reflection


Extremely Durable

Easy to Install

Simple to Repair

PVC Installation in Tennessee

After clearing and cleaning any existing roof, a professional like Austermiller in Tennessee will install the insulation and make sure there are no gaps for maximum energy efficiency. There are three main types of insulation we may use:

  1. Polyisocyanurate (Polyiso or ISO) – Polyiso has a high R-value, which is the measurement of the material’s ability to resist heat flow. The R-value can range from 4-R to 6-R. Therefore, Polyiso can further reduce energy costs in tandem with PVC.
  2. DensDeck Prime – DensDeck Prime is a gypsum cover board with a pre-primed surface that is used in commercial roof systems. It has a coated glass mat facer on the front and back, and face mat enhancements that allow adhesives to be applied more consistently.
  3. HD ISO – HD ISO roofing is a type of roof cover board made of high-density polyisocyanurate (HD ISO). HD ISO is a closed-cell, thermoset foam core with a coated glass facer. It’s also known as polyiso, PIR, or ISO.

Next, we will cover the insulation by unrolling and attaching the PVC membrane with adhesive or mechanically. Once the entire roof is covered, we will weld the seams together with a hot-air gun to create water resistance.

With proper installation and maintenance from a professional roofer, PVC roof systems can last 30 years. Thankfully, roof repairs are quick and simple. But, for a durable, long-lasting roof, always hire a professional at Austermiller for every repair and installation. High-quality PVC commercial roofing installation and maintenance from us will prevent headaches and costly repairs.

To start your next roofing project, contact us at Austermiller for a quote!

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