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Roof flashing repair service in Nashville and throughout Tennessee.

Flashing is a protective device often found on the seams of roofs and other surfaces. Flashing protects the surface from water damage by keeping moisture out of places it does not belong, such as your house or office. Over time you may need to repair flashing if its seams are coming undone and allowing rain inside (which can cause major problems with our Tennessee weather). If your home has no roofing protection whatsoever, damaged flashing, or ones that were improperly installed at some point then this could spell trouble for you!

Proper roof flashing repair requires quality materials and a team to get the job done right. At Austermiller, Inc., we take pride in delivering excellent residential roofing services to the homeowners of Nashville and surrounding Tennessee areas.


Types of Roof Flashing

Properly installed flashing involves placing a seamless metal sheet over these potential leak spots, preventing water penetration. This extra layer of protection helps to seal those problem areas and prevent leaks from coming through the roof, skylights, walls, or chimney.

Base Flashing

This type of flashing is the bottom-most piece that is flush with the roof and intersecting surface. Chimneys and skylights often require two pieces of flashing to ensure that water always meets a flashing surface and isn’t creeping into cracks and corners of the roof.

Counter Flashing

This piece is the counterpart to your base flashing, and it overlaps with your base flashing so that you have more protection for all of those leaks! With this overlap, there’s going to be a lot less chance that water will ever find its way into your home again.

Continuous Flashing

Continuous flashing is a long, single strip of metal that carries water down an edge to the roofing below. These pieces typically have built-in expansion joints so they can move as the home may expand or contract during changes in Tennessee weather.

Step Flashing

Step flashing is a rectangular piece of metal bent at 90 degrees in the center. It’s installed on roofs and walls so that water flows away from them instead of leaking inside your house! You can install it with shingles to make sure you have protection all around, or without shingles for something more temporary. There are many different types but this style is one of the most popular because it offers versatility.

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