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When it comes to filing an insurance claim for roof damage in Tennessee, it’s essential to have accurate information and guidance to navigate the process smoothly. At Austermiller Roofing, we understand the complexities involved in filing insurance claims and are here to assist you every step of the way.

With over 30 years of providing roofing services in Mount Juliet, TN, and surrounding areas, our expertise makes us the team to call.


The Steps to Filing an Insurance Claim in Tennessee

Filing an insurance claim in Tennessee for roof damage may feel overwhelming if you’ve never submitted one before. Follow our guide to help make the process easier!

Document the Damage

The first crucial step is to document the damage thoroughly. Take clear photographs and make detailed notes about the extent of the damage to your roof. This evidence will be invaluable when submitting your claim.

Reach Out to Your Insurance Provider

Next, reach out to your insurance company to report the damage and initiate the claim process. Provide them with the documentation you’ve gathered and any other requested information. It’s essential to act promptly as many insurance policies have specific time limits for reporting damage.

Get a Professional Assessment

As your trusted roofing contractor, Austermiller Roofing can play a vital role in supporting your insurance claim. We can provide a professional assessment of the roof damage, including a detailed report and cost estimate for repairs or replacement. Our expertise and experience in working with insurance companies allow us to communicate effectively on your behalf, ensuring that the full extent of the damage is accurately represented.

Throughout the claims process, we can liaise with the insurance adjuster to provide any necessary documentation, answer questions, and address any concerns they may have. Our goal is to advocate for you and ensure that the insurance company understands the scope of the damage and the necessary repairs or replacement needed for your roof.

Claim Approval

Once your claim is approved, Austermiller Roofing can begin the repair or replacement process promptly. Our skilled team of professionals will work efficiently to restore your roof to its pre-damage condition. We use high-quality materials, follow industry best practices, and adhere to local building codes to ensure a durable and long-lasting solution.


At Austermiller Roofing, we are committed to making the insurance claim process as smooth as possible for our customers. We leverage our expertise, knowledge of insurance procedures, and strong relationships with insurance companies to advocate for you and provide the necessary support. Trust us to guide you through the insurance claim process and deliver exceptional roofing services that exceed your expectations.

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