Every season has its challenges for homeowners and depending on where you live these challenges peak at different times of the year. In Tennessee, our Winters are mild compared to other parts of the country, but our Summers can be pretty brutal. Five minutes outside and you’re bound to break a sweat, so just imagine the beating your roof is taking. To ensure your roof remains in good condition this Tennessee Summer, we recommend taking these steps to take care of your roof.


Prep From the Inside Out

Your home’s overall ventilation, roofing material, and insulation work together to keep your home cool during the warmer months. In addition, they all work together to protect your home and your roof from heat damage. Did you know your attic can reach up to 160 degrees on a Summer day, even if the air temperature remains in the upper nineties? Some materials are more well known for their cooling factor than others, especially metal roofing, but nonetheless, all roofing materials are built to protect and insulate to a certain degree. Before we further discuss the outside of your home though, let’s begin from the inside – your home’s ventilation system and attic.

Have you ever compared electricity bills year over year? Is your Summer electricity bill getting higher and higher each year? Yes, part of it is probably due to price increases, but it could also be because something is off with your A/C or ventilation system. If your A/C is having to work harder to keep your home cool this year than it was last year, it is worth taking a look into. After all, any ventilation problems that cause heat damage could significantly affect the lifespan of your roof.

Second to choosing the best roofing material for your home, geographic location, and budget, proper insulation and maintenance of your attic will reduce heat build-up and prevent moisture that could then lead to mold. There are several ways one can identify a potential mold problem. It does not take a trained eye or expert to look out for these signs, so take note if you notice any of them in your attic space and call a professional immediately. Mold-related issues can develop fast and their damaging effects can be costly.

  • Watermarks – Scan the ceiling and walls of your attic. If you notice any watermarks, fresh or old, your roof most likely has a hole that needs patching or fixing. 
  • Musty Smell – A musty smell is the most common indicator of mold. It’s hard to describe, but you’ll know it when you smell it.
  • Discolored Rafters – Take a look at your rafters and wood beams. If one (or a few) seem off-color compared to the rest, there’s a good chance that the wood has absorbed water from a leak. 

Addressing holes and leaky areas of your roof is not only important for proper insulation but also to prevent further water damage and keep critters out of your house. We say it all the time and will say it again – fixing small problems now will save you thousands of dollars in the future. And when it comes to frequent visitors, squirrels, birds, and bats are the most common critters that will make their way into attics. Fix that hole now and you won’t have to worry about them making their way into your home this Summer!


Safely Evaluate the Condition of Your Roof

At Austermiller Roofing, we want to assure you that the safety of our clients remains a top priority at all times. So before we even visit your home, we strongly advise you to take precautionary measures when identifying roof problems. If you do not feel comfortable climbing on your roof or are unable to do so safely, we’ll do the looking for you.

As mentioned previously, Summer brings high temperatures and especially humid conditions in Tennessee. That combined with the frequent midday showers creates an environment for algae, moss, and mold to grow on the surface of your roof – the most common roofing issues for homeowners during the Summer season. Although not an immediate threat, over time the growth and buildup of these microorganisms can lead to roof decay, curled or cracked shingles, and even damage to the wood framing. Algae, moss, and mold can also be found in gutters and areas of the roof that don’t drain properly. So if you notice any buildup, remove it as soon as possible or hire the help of someone that is able.

Signs of damage that one might be able to safely identify from the ground or from an attic include holes, leaks, water stains, missing shingles, and clogged gutters or drains. The next time you’re outside, check the gutters to see if you notice any buildup of leaves, sticks, or other debris. Do you notice any shingles missing from the ground? You might want to consider trimming nearby tree branches as well. Although the large, shade-bearing tree may look great beside your house, it could cause some serious damage if a branch were to break. The leaves and budding flowers will just add to the buildup of debris on your roof too.


Hire a Licensed Professional

Whether for safety concerns or to get an estimate, don’t hesitate to contact us at Austermiller Roofing. We are proud to be a team of certified and licensed contractors. We would be honored to work with you on a roof repair, roof replacement, or just to assist with your insurance claim.

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