Everybody loves Christmas decorations. After all, it’s hard to hold a grudge against pretty lights and sparkling Santa Claus balloons. But did you know that holiday decorations can actually harm your roof?

Today, we’ll talk about how to decorate your home for the holidays without damaging your roof.


Types Of Roof Damage



One of the most common roofing problems is broken or missing shingles. This can occur in any number of ways. Major natural disasters such as storms or hurricanes can blow off dozens of shingles at once. Overhanging tree limbs can fall and damage shingles as well.

Last but not least is normal wear and tear. Wind and rain will slowly wear away at your shingles over the course of many decades. That’s why roofs require annual inspections and repairs. You may also require a full roof replacement once your shingles have reached the end of their lifespan.



Shingles aren’t the only layer of shielding that you have against rainwater. Flashing is just as important. It covers the cracks and crevices that can’t be covered by shingles. For example, the space between a chimney or skylight and the roofing around it. Flashing can also be worn down over time or damaged by strong weather.



Although an often undervalued part of your roof, gutters are actually extremely important. Gutters help redirect rainwater off the side of the roof into a safe area. This keeps rain from pooling on your roof and turning into a roof leak. Gutters can be damaged by strong wind or large objects/weather events.


Christmas Roof Decorations

Now that we’ve talked a bit about how roofs are commonly damaged, let’s talk about Christmas decorations.

As we mentioned, although holiday decorations are pretty, they’re also hazardous to your roof. For one thing, some Christmas themes require you to walk on your roof and place heavy decorations on it. As for hanging lights, those can pose a hazard as well if they’re not hung up correctly.

Here are a few tips for safe roof decorating:


Avoid Making Holes In Your Shingles

Christmas lights with clips

A staple gun is often the go-to for any home improvement work. In this case, however, try to opt for a less permanent method. You don’t really want any holes in your shingles, flashing, or gutters. Plus, most home improvement stores sell clips that you can use to temporarily hang Christmas lights. If you don’t like those, then there are alternatives such as magnetic lights.


Try Not To Walk On Your Roof

As always, safety does come first. Just like with any other roofing or home improvement projects, we recommend minimizing the time you spend on your roof. Instead, try to hang the lights from the ground floor or by using a ladder. Not only is this safer for you, but it’s also better for your roof. Although most roofs are built pretty sturdy, you don’t know exactly how sturdy they are. If your roof is old or made of a brittle material, your weight could actually cause some damage.


Avoid Heavy Decorations

As we mentioned above, significant weight can cause damage to your roof. Try to avoid those large, heavy reindeer sleighs. Instead, opt for small hanging Christmas lights, lawn decorations, and other lightweight decors.


Roof Decoration Ideas

For your roof, an oldie but a goodie will always be string lights. They come in all sizes and colors, so your roof can shine white, red, or green all throughout Christmas. These days, you can even get a twist on the classic “string lights” look. For example, you can find string lights made out into a specific shape (like a ladder for Santa Clause that you hang off the side of the house). Of course, a classic multi-colored string of lights is always a solid choice as well.

Aside from that, we’re also big fans of lawn decorations. They’re less likely to harm your roof and are easy to install. For example, a light-up Rudolf and Santa Claus can make for a cool addition to your front yard.

Regardless of what you decide on, however, just remember to stay safe while making home improvements. Always have a spotter if you’re going up to a high place (such as a ladder or roof). And most importantly, don’t forget to have fun and enjoy this upcoming holiday season.


Frequently Asked Questions

We hope that this article has helped you with your upcoming holiday decorating plans. Just in case, however, we’ve also included a few general roofing FAQs below.


How Much Does A New Roof Cost?

The cost of a new roof will largely depend on which material you choose to use for the job and how big your roof is. Asphalt shingles tend to be the least expensive material (and the most popular for homeowners). Metal is a little more expensive but lasts longer, and slate or clay are the most durable but priciest options.

As a point of reference, however, the Home Guide reports that the average asphalt roof costs about “$7,211 for an average 2,000 square foot home”.


How To Measure A Roof For Shingles?

Getting measurements is an important part of the roofing process. After all, your roofing contractor will need to know how much material is needed for the job. Having said that, you do not need to measure your roof yourself. Most roofing companies offer that service. In fact, here at Austermiller Roofing, we offer FREE quotes. To get you that quote, we’ll actually measure the roofing area ourselves. That way, you get all the info you need without lifting a finger.


How Often To Replace Roof?

The exact lifespan of a roof depends on a variety of factors. Here are a couple:

Maintenance – Did you maintain your roof correctly? All roofs should receive an inspection at least 1-2 times per year. That way, any missing shingles will be replaced as soon as possible, preventing further damage. Some roofs may also require the occasional cleaning to keep moss and other wet debris off the shingles.

Roofing Material – Metal, slate, and clay roofing are known to be more durable and therefore have a longer service life. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, are cheaper to install but last a shorter period of time. These days, however, even asphalt shingles come in a variety of types. Ask your contractor which roofing material is right for you. The material that your roof is made of will have a big impact on its lifespan.

Environment – Even quality roofing can only last so long in storms and other natural disasters. Regions with harsher weather or frequent natural disasters will wear down roofing faster.


Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

What your home insurance does and does not cover will vary greatly depending on your policy. The best way to know for sure is to call your insurance company and ask.

Having said that, many insurance companies do cover roofing damage that results from an accident or natural disaster. For example, an unexpected tornado or hurricane damaging your home and ripping a hole in your roof. If, however, the leak is simply the result of incorrect maintenance, many insurance companies will not cover that.


Roofing In Mt. Juliet

construction on a roof

If you notice any damage to your roof, it’s important to get it addressed sooner rather than later. Missing shingles or damaged flashing can have huge consequences if left unaddressed. Remember that rainwater loves finding small crevices to escape into. These leaks can then lead to water damage and mold across walls and ceilings.

Here at Austermiller Roofing, we do roof repairs, flashing replacements, water damage restoration, and much more. To contact us about a repair, simply call or fill out our online form, and someone from our team will be in touch.

Looking for a full roof replacement? We do those as well! In fact, we offer some amazing warranties for certain full roof replacements. Nobody ever said that a roof couldn’t be high-quality AND great value. Ask one of our team members for more info.