Tennessee may not rank in the top States for hail damage, but hail storms still frequent the State enough to cost insurance companies billions of dollars every year. In fact, hail storms and the damage they cause affect thousands of Tennessee households each year. These storms result in damage to homes, cars, and other property. And when it comes to your home, the roof is susceptible to damage that often requires fixing or, in some instances, an entire roof replacement.


But First…


Before we dive into how hail damage can be spotted, it’s important to note several things. 

First, the damage to your roof from hail heavily depends on your roofing material, the age of your roof, and the quality of construction. Roofs that are constructed with more durable materials, roofs that are newer, and roofs that are installed properly by trained professionals are more likely to withstand the damaging effects. Generally speaking, it takes hail with a 1-inch diameter or larger to cause any damage. However, one should inspect their property for signs of damage after a hail storm no matter the size.

Secondly, it’s crucial to fix hail damage to your roof as soon as possible. Just like any other damage or wear and tear, smaller problems can easily and quickly lead to larger problems if ignored. A few spots of hail damage to your asphalt shingles could turn into multiple leaks and short thereafter major water damage.

Lastly, it’s important to note that hail damage on your roof cannot be seen from the ground. It requires a trained professional with the proper safety equipment to scan the top of your roof. If you are not a professional or do not own the proper safety equipment to do so, please call a roofing professional at Austermiller Roofing. We offer free evaluations and estimates, so we’ll take a look at your roof and assess its condition at no cost to you.


What A Roofing Professional Will Look For


When you hire a roofing professional to evaluate your roof’s condition, there are several things they will look for. Some of them are obvious, but others take a trained eye and years of experience to catch.

The more obvious signs of damage include dents, dings, and chipped surfaces. The damage can be spotted on vents, chimneys, and other features of your roof. Aside from your roof’s features, overall damage to your roof is going to depend on your roofing material.

Damage to shingles can range from mild to severe. The most severe or noticeable damage is when large amounts of granules are missing from the shingle. In mild cases, it will take a closer look and a trained eye. But no matter the severity of damage to your shingles, the bottom line is that the shingle is no longer in an optimal condition to protect your home.

Metal roofing is probably the easiest material to spot hail damage given its smooth, natural state. If anything, hail or debris, hits a metal roof with enough force, dents will be obvious. Wooden shingles damaged by hail generally result in splits in the wood, and clay or slate roofing damaged by hail generally results in cracks.


What Homeowners Should Look For


Although hail damage to your shingles, metal roofing, or tile roofing cannot be spotted without climbing onto your roof, there are several indicators any homeowner can look out for after a hail storm.

When large enough hail falls from the sky causing damage, it’s very likely that more than just your roof is going to suffer from its effects. Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and look for dented gutters, any damage to the siding of your home (if applicable), and any damage to A/C units or other outdoor appliances. In addition, if you have a deck you can check for splits in the wood or chips on painted wood surfaces. If you do not have a garage or carport on your property, check the condition of any vehicles you or a neighbor might own.

If you notice any damage to your property that is identifiable from ground level, chances are your roof took a beating too. We highly recommend that you contact a roofing professional to visit your home and scan your roof for hail damage. The earlier signs of damage are addressed and fixed, the better.


What To Do If You Have Hail Damage


At Austermiller Roofing, we pride ourselves in assisting our customers throughout the entire insurance claim process. We urge you to please contact us before you contact your insurance company so that we can gain a better understanding of your situation, and from there we will represent you along the way. After your initial evaluation (free of charge) and advising you to file a claim, we like to meet with your insurance adjuster and show them the damage. That’s how important the customer is!

With over two decades of experience, we are highly knowledgeable about the requirements and technicalities within the insurance industry. For example, most insurance companies want to see 8 or more hits on a roof within a 10ft x 10ft square on at least 3 sides of the roof. By working alongside Austermiller Roofing, we are confident your insurance claim will have fair and favorable results.


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