How do you handle insurance?

Call Austermiller Roofing before you file your insurance claim. We are experts, and we want you to know what's really going on before you call to file an insurance claim. When we do advise the customer to file a claim, we like to meet with the insurance adjuster and show them the damage. That's how important the customer is!

One of our experts will represent you and be with you through the entire estimate process with your insurance adjustor. Call us today!

What are my financing options?

We are happy to offer assistance with securing financing.

What is your warranty?

With a full roof replacement, Austermiller offers an unheard of 10-year transferable warranty. We also give a lifetime warranty on our metal roofs. For flat roofs, we are certified to offer factory warranties. Austermiller provides warranty for three years; after three years, the manufacturer assumes the warranty.

Can I get a free estimate?

Of course! But this won’t be your average FREE estimate. We don’t simply come in and say, “You have storm damage.” We get up on the roof, measure your house, and take the time to get to know what the issues are and how they affect the inside of the house as well. A lot of people forget that we are general contractors, too. That means we can repair damage to the interior and exterior.

Will my property be taken care of?

We take every precaution that we can to ensure the property is taken care of. We protect bushes and landscaping, as well as your driveway. Here are just a few additional things we do:

  • All of our jobs are supervised.
  • We ask the homeowner to cover items in the attic. Dust can get in the attic when you're tearing a roof off.
  • Crews park on the street. Leaky trucks are unavoidable at times, and we don't want to leave marks on your driveway.


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